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At Pocket Puppies we are a family that has always loved dogs, our discovery of the beautiful Toy Cavoodle began in 2006 which encouraged us to share our special ones with other Australians.

We want you to learn who we are, to know why our toy cavoodle puppies are different. We understand dogs and they are before all others in our lives.

We noticed that many breeders were misguided in their treatment of their dogs, this cemented our belief that Australia needed our lovingly nurtured toy cavoodles. They are not puppies, they are a piece of your soul.


We are a Family

We are Pocket Puppies 

Our Approach

We value transparency at every stage, no hidden facts.


We are a registered breeder that is licensed for 20 dogs.


No 'leasing' of our dogs to hide the real number. 

It's a simple truth: 20 is our number.

We believe the number of animals you have is reflective of your ethos. We are a small breeder that is able to shower our dogs and puppies with the love and care they deserve.

The Pocket Puppy Penthouse

Our furry family members live with us in our home in their own luxury suite, they adore the floor heating aided with split system air control, double glazing and R5 insulation.


Our Pocket Puppy Penthouse was designed specifically for our dogs, being avid animal lovers we have ensured that each of our pets know they are completely loved by us everyday. 

Why We are Different

We are a passive household.


We believe that having the home dynamic peaceful, not passive aggressive, is key to to a healthy life balance for humans and pets.


Dog's read our behaviour and learn keystone information about people as soon as they begin to develop their senses. It is integral these first impressions of humans are positive, it is the difference between an intuitive upbringing or a destructive one. 

We like to have fun, make noise and solo dance parties, but not loudness born of irritation.

We believe that true ethicality, is not as simple as care standards, but of your philosophy and approach to life.

Our Vision

We are registered with our local council and are inspected by an RSPCA inspector, we are consistently compliant with the relevant code of conduct. As you can see from our Penthouse video we are above and beyond other establishments.


We wish to see all those who make the lifelong commitment to breed pets follow our lead and raise the bar in every way, in terms of accommodation, number of canines and care. This is our vision, it achievable as we have shown and by making the public aware of how your beloved pet can and should spend their life. 


By having a small number of dogs and puppies at any one time, we provide them an abundance of special, individual attention by us, not staff. 

Every home is different and dependant on the person's love of animals as to how they treat their dogs - whether they have 1 or 20.


We aim to be as transparent as possible and unlike any other breeder in Australia have shown the world our garden, Penthouse, inner home, toy cavoodle puppies throughout the stages of life and never use a staging room - no professional photographers here.


We as a family have always believed that canines are true gifts to all of us and are forever first in our hearts.

Not Just Dog Food. 

cavoodle food diet

Our beautiful dogs are fed premium biscuits, in addition with various casseroles, fritters and baked treats. 


Our dog's cuisine is selected with the highest consideration of health and enjoyment and we have found this happy combination for our dogs to have a balanced and delectable diet. 

cavoodle food diet

The Daily.

A typical day in our home consists of waking in the early hours to the furry family members, breakfast and the morning walk that can easily turn into afternoon.


Our walks offer not just our dog's but ourselves, the enjoyment of nature. 



After our reflective exercise, we go into the the inner garden rooms that are designated for dogs, where they lounge in the sun and play with their unlimited supply of toys whilst we tend to the garden and find the joy of everyday with our dogs.

First Class Health Care

Our dogs are throughly health checked, vaccinated with C5 Nobivac. Every month our furry friends are treated with advocate and every fortnight have their ears cleaned with a gentle PAW natural cleanser then the all over soapy bath and trim.


We have the utmost respect for our veterinary practice that supports a very qualified team who adore animals, just as we, which is a very important quality when choosing your new addition's veterinarian.

The Aid of a Pocket Puppy

Two members of our family of 3, endure the daily challenge of a chronic illness. With inevitable, challenging depths that arose, a special little miracle cavoodle was born, Peanut.


Peanut became our first cavoodle addition. Lauren was unable to participate in many activities and the companionship of Peanut was incredibly meaningful.

Peanut has been the shining light for Lauren and more than ever are we, as a family, recognising the importance of a Pocket Puppy in your life. 

The Haven

We live on a lifestyle retreat on the border of Victoria and New South Wales in the historical town of Barham, NSW.

Our dogs have the quiet country life, amongst pastures that's fertile soil produces a large amount of Australia's produce.

Our home is enshrouded with the beauty of nature that we cultivate, not just for people, but for our furry family members. 

The Pocket Puppy Life

The Pocket Puppy Parent Experience


We are original. 

It's the Pocket Puppy way.


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