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Non Shedding Toy Cavoodles 4.5 - 7kg

Toy Cavoodles Australia

Cavoodle Puppies are found all over Australia, but this page is dedicated only to our exclusive Pocket Puppies. Our babies are Special Toy Cavoodles, they have certain attributes and we have them listed below so you can learn why our cavoodles are just the perfect new addition for any loving home.


A Toy Cavoodle

A Toy Cavoodle is a combination of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Toy Poodle 
(smallest poodle group) 

Cavoodle Height

As the cavooodle is a combination of two breeds it is hard to give a definite size, but our cavoodles are approximately 25 - 35cm tall at the shoulder. Please note: miniature cavoodles are much larger than these measurements.

Cavoodle Weight

Our Cavoodles fully matured will be approximately be between 5 - 8 kg.

In comparison, the miniature cavoodles are 12 - 18kg; we do not breed cavoodles that are miniature.

Cavoodle Coat

Our Cavoodles are known for their soft, Poodle-like coat, the Cavalier's coat sheds, but the Poodle coat does not shed - which leaves Cavoodles with a low to medium shedding coat, although some cavoodles are also known to shed excessively. 

However, because of our specialized breeding all of our previous cavoodle puppies are completely NON-SHEDDING!

Cavoodle Care

Pocket-Puppies Cavoodles' coats' do not shed and will need to be groomed regularly - They will need to be brushed once a week just to get any prickles etc. out, Their hair will need to be cut at about 6 - 8 months, but it is also great to give them a little bit of a trim just to keep their coat neat and even, particularly their face. We personally use the 'teddy bear' cut which is what we recommend for individuals to choose when having their cavoodle professionally groomed.

 You can wash your cavoodles every few weeks or so - if you wash them too often (every week) they will lose essential puppy oils. Also ensure it is puppy shampoo as adult shampoo can disturb your cavoodle's coat ph balance.

Cavoodle Temperament

Most Cavoodles make great companions for anyone, from small children to the elderly. There have been cases of cavoodles with behavioural problems due to misbreeding. However, our cavoodles are friendly to everyone, including strangers, dogs and other pets. Our cavoodles are highly intelligent (therefore, easy to train) and are aware of all of their surroundings like the poodle but more relaxed like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. For some gorgeous stories of Pocket Puppy Parents with their cavoodles visit our Cavoodle Testimonials page.

Cavoodle Life Expectancy

The cavoodle approximate full life span is 15 years.

Cavoodle Living Environment

Our Cavoodles are an indoor dog and are small enough not to cause disturbance, they have been nurtured in the home and will perfectly settle into yours. Our cavoodles also love time outside and going for walks. They are fine with being left by themselves indoors for small periods of time as they do not destroy furniture, but they are curious and do check out everything in the room.

Cavoodle AKC (Size) Group

Toy (which is the smallest group)

toy cavoodle adult
Toy Cavoodle Puppy