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We hope you enjoy browsing through the happy emails & photos, we love hearing from all our wonderful Pocket-Puppy Parents and we are joyed to share their stories with you.

Alec - The Toy Cavoodle

Hello Angelique,

How quickly this last year has gone by with Alec in my life,  on July 25th he flew into my life and it has never been the same.  I am attaching a few photos for you,  at present he is a big ball of fluff and will have a hair cut once this cold weather fades into Spring.

He has been such an important part of my healing after losing Peter,  I really don’t know how I could have coped without him and his loving ways,  his waving tail and sparkling eyes.  As I write this he is snoozing on the sofa behind me,  never far away.  He has settled into his new home very quickly,  and it has been such a change for him.  We have found quite a few really good fun off lead places and there is nothing he likes better than running along a beach after a ball.

I do miss Petra who minded Alec for me so wonderfully and I know she misses him,  she said her dog Misty saw a toy caboodle the same colour as Alec last week and was straining on the leash to go to him so Misty misses him too.  We still swap photos several times a week and she is great for giving me sensible “dog information” and I appreciate that as Alec is my first dog I wanted to do the right thing by him.

I will separately send you a photo of Alec’s new vet Ashleigh,  I have known her since she was 5 so she was always going to be Alec’s vet,  she sent this photo and it is really great and shows what an affinity she has with her “clients”.

So looking forward to what the second year with Alec brings,  I’m sure if he knew I was writing he would send his love to his “mum” and “dad”.

Again thank you for such an wonderful,  loving companion.  Oh my friends say he is not a “Latte” he is “Tea and Milk”!

Jemma - The Toy Cavoodle

Jemma is beyond perfection in every way and we speak highly of you all the time when we are approached by people enquiring about Jemma.

The hard work and love you and your amazing Family do in raising our Family member and not to mention all the on going support is truly appreciated. Our Princess Mary has gone from a lonely very ill child to having a life long companion who engages her in every way and that gift you and your Family provided us with is beyond words.

Our warmest wishes 
The Cameron Family
Tim,Lynda & Our Princesses Mary & Jemma

adult cavoodle

Bertie & Emma - The Toy Cavoodles

Dear Angelique,

On Saturday our beautiful puppies Emma and Bertie turn 4!. The time has gone so fast. I just wanted to send you a quick email with some photos so you can see how beautiful they still are in both looks and nature. Their two favourite past times are to watch the goings on in the park opposite and to sit on my lap (or if I am not home any ones lap … not that fussy). We have absolutely loved them for the past four years and will continue to do so. They are a pure delight. Please give Rose and Theo a kiss from us. We hope everyone is well at your house at the moment. 

Love always,

Bertie and Emma

Kate, Tom, Claudia and Darcy

Disco - The Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique- 
Just letting you know that Disco has arrived, safe and happy. He his absolutely gorgeous and we couldn't be happier. 

He has been spoilt with oodles of cuddles, love and attention and seems to have settled in well considering his big journey. Here are some initial photos of him with the family. 

Thankyou again to you and your family for looking after him and giving him such a loving and happy start to life. 

We will be in touch. 


Sadie - The Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique, 

You will be pleased to know Sadie is thriving and absolutely loving life. She has graduated puppy School but still rules our house most of the time. 
She loves people and will spend all day cuddling if you let her. 
She is generally quite good, we didn't have to toilet train her as she took it upon herself to go out on the grass. She now sleeps all night too which is nice for us! Haha. 
She is a bundle of joy that I don't know what we would do without.

Attached are some photos from when we first got her to now. Hope all is well with you and your family, and all the dogs of course. 

Warm regards,

Brewster - The Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique – we trust you are well.

It’s Paul and Ann here in Brisbane. We have had Brewster for getting on for three weeks now and he has really changed our world. He has both a calming influence on us in his quieter moments as well as a hugely engaging one when he goes into his playful ‘monkey hour’.

He is growing rapidly and getting bolder in his explorations of our backyard area. We can certainly see him developing into a little adult companion and he has learned basic commands like ‘stay’, ‘fetch’ and ‘come’ quite quickly. He isn’t fully potty trained yet but there are less and less accidents. When one does occur it’s often because we have ignored a sign.

We are thrilled with him and can’t wait for him to have his 3rd C5, wait for the 10 days and then get out into the world. He already loves car rides but is itching to get out there and be part of it! He never barks at anything. 

I attach below a couple of pictures of the little man. He is so content and has made us both all the more so because of it!

Kind regards,

Paul and Ann

Elsa - The Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

Thanks for your email this week. Elsa is doing really well! She is such a good girl....very obedient and so so loving! She just wants to be around us all the time which is nice.

She loves playing chase with my 6 and 2yr old and having quite cuddle time with them too. She enjoys going to the doggie day spa for a little hydro bath and tidy....the dog groomers can't believe the length of her eye lashes....they are amazing!!!! You can't miss them in the photos.

Here's a few photos. The first one is today and the other is from xmas...she looked very festive! 

Nice to hear from you!!

Alec - The Toy Cavoodle

Alec and I went back to Bruny Island yesterday with family and he just loves playing on the seashore, I thought this photo was so joyful and fun. I think I will make it my screen saver because I can’t help smiling when I see it. 

Regards from Lesley and Alec

cavoodle puppies

Daisy - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

Nice to hear from you.  Daisy is still a dream - such a beautiful nature, hardly barks and just a soft, fluffy treasure.

Here are a few recent pick - she is so clever, she even wrote a not for our eldest daughter when she was travelling last month ;-)


Bonnie - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

So lovely to hear from you! Bonnie is absolutely beautiful.. Love her to pieces. She has such a little personality, so kind and the prettiest eyes going round. I get stopped in the street every time we go walking for compliments and to ask where she's from. 

Bons and I are about to relocate to London for a few years so she has a long flight ahead but I've been working with jet pets who are amazing!

Here are some photos. Thanks again for making my little one, she's amazing. 

All the best 

Hazel - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

It is great to hear from you. Hazel is doing very well. We feel so lucky to have such a loving, affectionate puppy. 

We take her everywhere we can with us. She is very popular at all our favourite cafes. She absolutely loves the water and we take her down to the beach frequently. We now have a second puppy and Hazel has totally taken on a 'mother role' which is adorable. 

Our no dog in the bed policy disappeared at least 12 months ago now. Obviously I think she is gorgeous, but I have had an offer from an author of a children's book to use photos of Hazel in their new book. I couldn't pick just one photo so have attached a few.


Rusty - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

So happy to hear from you. As you can see by Rusty's photo that he has grown into a lovely dog.

He has such a lovely temperament and meeting people is his favourite thing.
He's very clever though still a little naughty on the lead, even after two
lots of training lessons. He's in very good health maybe too many treats
from his mum.

Richard and I love him to bits and to us he's our boy.

Hope you like his photo, he is sitting in his favourite place.

Kind regards

cavoodle puppies

Daisy - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

thank you for your email it is lovely to hear from you. Daisy is a little treasure she is full of life and very cheeky, her favourite toy is a ball which is constantly being thrown either inside or out. As I type this replay she is telling me to throw it :)

She has become very much part of our family and couldn't imagine life without her. Can't believe she is 10months old already! 

She has learnt so many things and gets over excited when visitors come she just loves having people around.

Have attached a Couple of photos of Daisy for you and your family, as you can see she has grown into a real little sweetie.

Thanks again Angelique for sending us a beautiful Daisy.

Kindest regards,

Jane Baier

Mia & George - The Latte and Red Toy Cavoodles

Hi Angelique

Thanks for your email. 

George and Mia are VERY spoilt! Not just at our house either, pretty much everywhere we go. 

They absolutely love each other and are never far from each others sides. 

George is such an old man (and a mummy's boy) and Mia is like the annoying little sister stuck in a dog's body! 

She has Scott right where she wants him, she can do no wrong. 

Here's some pics of the kids! :)


Paris - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Dear Angelique,

I hope you and your family are well.  

Wanted to thank you for our gorgeous Paris (Indie's baby girl). She is now 5 months old and our entire family (and neighbourhood) just love and adore her.  
She is a very happy and gentle puppy that bursts with excitement whenever she has the chance to socialise with people and other dogs.  She particularly loves playing with poodles and poodle crosses.
She has been very easy to house train, always sleeps through the night and is very obedient.  We have been able to take her off lead at the park quite young, despite being a very excitable puppy, she always comes when called.  The kids were very proud of her at puppy school when she won a competition as to which puppy can 'stand sit stand drop stand drop sit' in the best time.  

Most of all, our children love her readiness to return all the love and affection that is given to her.  

I have attached a photo (which doesn't do her justice) - many people comment that she one of the cutest cavoodles they have ever seen.  Goes without saying that is how we feel.

Warmest regards,

Denise Smith and family
cavoodle puppies

Jemma - The Black Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

We thought you might like to see Jemma. Jemma's favourite place is under Mary's trampoline when Jemma is not in our arms.

We are very in love with Jemma and Jemma has settled in very well.

Jemma visited Mary's Kindergarten class today and was loved by all 21 children. 

Mary's class teacher just adored Jemma, so I couldn't help but rave about Pocket Puppies and the beautiful Family that raised our Jemma.

Jemma is just amazing and is loved by everyone. I even have our neighbours drop in to have cuddles with Jemma most days.
Thank you so much for raising such a beauitful Family member for us to love and adore.

Gypsy - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

Yes she is settling in well, being very pampered by the kids. Here are a few pics of gypsy meeting the kids - big smiles!

Kind Regards


Alec - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hello Angelique,

I thought you would enjoy seeing how much Alec has grown,  he is a ball of muscle and weighs 6 kilos compared with 2 kilos when he arrived here.  He is much loved at the local Mermaid Cafe and we both enjoy meeting friends there and he is much admired.  He is going to join the Kettering Walkers next week,  a group of friends and neighbours who take their dogs for walks along the back roads here,  it will be great for him.  

When I play golf he stays with a professional lady dog minder,  she has dogs in her home and he just loves it,  my last sight of him as Petra carries him from the car is his wagging tail so I am confident he is in good hands when I can’t be with him.  

My doctor who also treated Peter advised I get a dog earlier this year and when I saw him recently and told him I had filled his prescription and showed him a photo of Alec he beamed,  he was very pleased and Alec is really helping me form a new life which was what I and my family were hoping for.  So thank you for such a precious companion.

Rosie - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

Here is our beloved dog Rosie who you sold to us in April this year.
She is such a good girl, beautiful nature and adored by all.
We just wanted to show you how she has grown.

Thank you again for our lovely Rosie.

Kind regards

cavoodle puppies

Mollie - The Black Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

What a lovely surprise to hear from you.
Mollie is such a joy - we cannot imagine her not being a part of our lives. 
Mollie has such a beautiful nature and is adored not only by Mark and I, also our friends and family too. My niece and nephew keep saying they would like a Mollie - just like our Mollie. 

Mollie enjoys a social outing with other puppies and dogs each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We take her for walks each night and she loves the dog park too. It is so lovely too- to wake up and she is so happy to see us and keen to go out for her morning stroll around the village. 
She has become quite a personality 
Mollie has brought such joy to us and we simply adore her!
Here are some photos. 
I hope you are well. 

Take care

Elsa - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique, 

Elsa has settled well! She's such a placid cuddly puppy. She just loves my two girls, and never strays far from my 5 year old. They love watching movies together.

Maisy - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

Just a quick note to let you know that Maisy arrived safe and sound this afternoon and we are all so in love already.  She is absolutely adorable, incredibly affectionate and we know she will be a much-loved member of our family.

We will send you photos along the way but we just wanted you to know that she's here and we're all completely in love.

Best wishes,
Nicole M

Monty - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique!

We bought a beautiful Cavoodle puppy from you from Clarabelle's February litter. Monty is now 7 months old and such a lovely natured boy. He sure has a lot of energy and a lot of love to give! He's such a joy to our home and he has a great relationship with our son too. 

I noticed the other week when I puppy-sat my cousin's 6 year old Westie for the week that Monty was just so happy and really interacted beautifully with this dog. 
Take care, and I hope you and the family are doing well :)
Hope to hear from you soon, 


Tinto - The Red Toy Cavoodle 

Hi Angelique, 

I hope you and the family are well, and not too busy will all your new puppies! 

We just wanted to email you with a very quick update on our gorgeous little pocket puppy (Annie's Male 7744). 
We named him Tinto (which is Spanish for "red") and could not imagine our life without him now. All of our family and friends (and even strangers) fall in love with him instantly. 
He has such a beautiful nature and can be very cheeky at times - which we love! 

I have attached a couple of photos. We have also set up an instagram account if you would like to see more (http://instagram.com/its_tinto_time). 
We would certainly love to get him a brother in the near future : ) we just need to buy a house to fit him in! 

Thank you again. 

Best regards, 

Daniela & Mitchell

Josie - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

Just thought I would touch base with you and update you on how Josie (Tilley’s little girl) is settling in.

We just love and adore her.  She is a little blessing from when we all wake in the morning until she just crashes at night!  She is constantly at our feet or following my daughters everywhere they go.  I have attached a photo of Mia and Josie. Would love to get another one soon so she has company when we are at school and work.

One more injection then we will have the fun of taking her on many of outings to our favourite parks and off to puppy school.  

Hope you and your girls are doing well and praying that their health has improved.

Kind Regards

Nicole Carter

Willow - The Black Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

Just wanted to let you know that Willow arrived safely and has settled down well.

Everyone thinks she is absolutely gorgeous! She has bonded very quickly and completely with my daughter, who is not well, so she has become a great distraction for her. That said, she is very friendly and gentle and is happy to be with whomever wants to cuddle her - and there are many.

After a bit of whining - maybe ten minutes - she has settled down at night, and waits quietly for someone to emerge in the morning. So no yelping sleepless nights!

Many thanks
PS: I bought a 20kg bag of her food - and now realise it will probably last 10 years !!!

Teddy - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Dear Angelique,

Just a quick photo to show you how handsome Teddy is looking after a clip. He's ready to go out on a date in his tie! 

He's the love of our lives! 

Below are a couple more photos of Lucia & Teddy bear. My boys weren't keen to join in but our groomer had a pet photographer come to her shop and we did a photo shoot. Both Lucia & Teddy had a ball! 

Hope you're all well,
Kim and Lucia 

Rusty - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

As you can see Rusty got here safe and sound. What a lovely little chap he is. 

Very intelligent and is already bring back his ball to me.
Will keep you updated.

Regards Wendy

Bonnie - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique and Family,

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year. Bonnie has settled in really well. 
We went to Adelaide for Christmas where she met her cousins and now we're down in Torquay at the beach for a few days. The definition of happiness is a dog at the beach!! 

She has such a little personality. Tearing around the house one second, asleep with her head tucked under my chin the next. 
Everyone who meets her is absolutely obsessed with her.

 I've attached some pictures of the little munchkin. 
Thanks again for everything and all the best for 2014.
Adrienne & Silvio

George The Latte Toy Cavoodle & Mia The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

Just letting you know we got Mia with no probs today. She is settling in beautifully, George just loves her! 

I tried to get a picture of the pair of them together put it proved difficult.. The best I could do is one with his tail across her face haha

Thanks again!

Candice & Scott

Hazel - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

I thought you might like an update about our beautiful little puppy Hazel. She has settled in to the family beautifully and is absolutely adorable. 

I have attached a few photos to show you how she is growing. She had her first haircut last week.


Fletcher - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Good morning Angelique,

It has been about 18 months since we bought Fletcher from you.

I wanted to thank you for him. He is a blessing in my life and makes me smile everyday.
He has such a beautiful personality and really is my best friend.

I have recommended you to a number of people because of the happiness you've given me in Fletcher.
I hope all is well with you.

Best wishes, Elle. 

Ollie - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

Hope that you are well.  

Just a quick note to touch base with you regarding our gorgeous cavoodle.
We purchased him from Holly's litter (born in September) and called him

He is such a beautiful, intelligent and loving dog.  Ollie has such a gentle
and affectionate nature and our family has fallen in love with him.  He
enjoys spending time with us at the river, riding in the boat, swimming and
running along the grass.  Ollie is such a playful dog, enjoys his walks and
time at the park.  

Thank you again for such a wonderful and relaxed dog.

With kind regards
Cliff, Melissa, Georgia, Josh and Chloe

Poppy - The Black Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

Poppy is just adorable. We couldn't imagine our lives with out her.  She is cheeky but loving and loyal!  We can't believe that she will be one this week but she has grown up so much since we go her. She has very good manners and was quiet easy to train.  

We quite often get stopped in the street with people just wanting to pat her (she loves the attention) and is great around children.  We get told that we spoil her but we just love her so much its hard not to!  Poppy has adapted to the climate in Darwin well, however she is not so keen on all the rain at the moment as this limits her walks!

We often look at your site as my partner would love a brother or sister for her however I am not so sure I'm ready for another one yet!  
I have attached some photos of her for you.

Kind regards,
Georga and Cameron
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  • cavoodle
    One of her favourite spots on the balcony where she watches the world go by on the esplanade!
  • cavoodle puppies
    Poppy's favourite past time…. the beach!
  • cavoodle puppies
  • cavoodle puppies
    She loves doggy daycare and can't get in the door quick enough and comes home so tired from all the playing with her friends
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  • cavoodle puppies
  • cavoodle
  • cavoodle puppies

Lady - The Black & Tan Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique!  It's great to hear from you!  Lady is doing very well!  She absolutely loves people especially little children.  Whenever I take her on her walks, people go out of their way to come over and comment on how beautiful her colouring is.  I can't get over how great her temperament is.

We leave her out of her kennel now when we're not home and she has never destroyed anything or gotten into any mischief!  She plays really well with our two cats, and other than a few weeks of accidents in the house when we first got her, I believe she is completely house broken now :)

She learns commands essentially first time through, and she is incredibly intelligent.  I've taught her a word to potty outside, and she fake potties sometimes to get a reward, which I have never seen or heard of before!

We truly are fortunate to have her in our lives and thank you for breeding such intelligent and sweet puppies.

Here are a couple of photos for you, and I'll send some more as well as we take them.

The blonde cavoodle in one of the photos is Dot, she is from you as well.  You sold her to my friend Stef Boscutti a year ago :)

Hope your daughter is feeling better.
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    Dot (Stefano's Pocket Puppy) & Lady
  • cavoodle puppies for sale

Mason - The Red Toy Cavoodle - Follow him on Instagram!

Hi Angelique and family,

I thought you’d be glad to know that Mason has settled in really well.

He toilet trained really quickly, but then I was very strict with taking him outside after every meal, drink and sleep. I have just had a doggy door put in and he now loves the freedom to come and go as he pleases.

We have just finished puppy preschool and I’m booking him in for further training, more for my benefit than his.

Because it is just me and him here, I was worried about his social development and that he might be a bit shy and timid around others – well, he is the opposite. He is so friendly and outgoing. I make a point of taking him with me when I go out and he loves the social interaction. 

I have spent quite a bit of time on my parents property, they have a 12 month old cavoodle and labradore and they all get on famously. He just loves going up there.  

Going for walks can be a challenge at times if other dogs come along as he just want to meet and play with them all. Unfortunately he doesn’t understand that not all dogs are “dog friendly”. 

 He does get a lot of attention when we go walking, kids just love him.

Speaking of kids. I also made a point of introducing him and making sure he spent a bit of time with my friends kids. My girlfriends son Thomas who is 5 just adores him. A true testament to the nature of Mason is that he lets Thomas drag him around. We watch to make sure Thomas isn’t being too rough and that Mason doesn’t “bite back”. So far so good, Mason is just so placid.

I keep a daily journal on instagram and through this Mason became slightly famous by making to an internet site called “puppy tales” where he was the dog of the day for Sept 20th.  I was a little proud!!

I have included some photos for you so you can see his development

Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy.



Tammy xx

Ruby - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

I think my husband is in love With her she sleeps on his chest she is adorable 

She's got a great nature 

When you say ruby she moves her head to side like a doll 

We just cut her hair very short due to heat wave '! 

Nice to hear from you 

Poppy - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique, 

Just thought I'd send you a picture of little Poppy. She was one of Sophie's litter born 7 June. She is doing well and loved by all. She is so happy all the time and placid. She is such a sook. She's just had a haircut and is trying out the poodle cut for a while because she keeps having to have her face trimmed because it grows too quickly around her eyes. 

Hope you are well and had a great Christmas and new year. 
Hi Angelique,
Here is the photo of Poppy I took today. She looks a lot lighter in it than she actually is. She is still the beautiful red. 
Hi Angelique,
Ok so here's another. I accidentally had the flash on which wasn't accurately representing her colour. She's now 2.3kg. She has grown a little from the 1.5kg when she first arrived in Sydney. 

Maddie - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

I know you are busy with the pups and looking after Lauren.  Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that little Maddie has been a complete bundle of joy for us and is dearly loved.  She has such a beautiful nature, loves everyone so much, is great with Kim’s girls and is the centre of our household every day.  She is cheeky, playful and loves to talk Kim and I into letting her up on to the bed in the early mornings so she can snuggle the last few hours  (although I think her idea of what is early morning is starting to get earlier and earlier) J

She has been great with her toilet training.  Not too many accidents in the early days and pretty much none these days. 

I hope that you and Rick are finding some answers for Lauren? 

Having taken the time to go up to your establishment and see how you look after all your dogs/puppies we would so recommend you to anyone interested in buying a toy cavoodle. 

Best wishes

Mick and Kim  (and Chantelle and Katelyn)

p.s. Maddie had a visit to my work a month back and a photographer took the below shot of her!!!

Teddy - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Just a couple of photos of our gorgeous Teddy! We gave him a bath this morning and he looks extra fluffy. 

He's become an important part of our family. 

Merry Christmas to you and your family,

Benji & Bella - The Red and Black Toy Cavoodles

Hi Angelique
Just thought I'd send you a pic of my babies all grown up!! Was their first birthday last Monday!! They are doing really well and make me laugh everyday!!
Hope you are well

Alicia Kermeen

Rusty - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,
I just wanted to say thanks again for our gorgeous little man.  He has settled in really well, the boys just adore him and have called him Rusty.  He is a very welcome distraction and is doing all the right things.
Take care,
Kim xx

Monty - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Just wanted to say thanks again for our beautiful puppy, you have no idea how much joy he has bought to our lives and we just love him. After much deliberation, we have called him Monty. He is so gentle and has a great personality, is completely toilet/house trained and sits when told to. He's a very smart boy!!

Still check your website every week to look at your litters, Strawberry's little girl is absolutely divine. 

Looking forward to hearing from you


Teddy - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Just touching base to let you know how our puppy Teddy is settling in. We couldn't believe how adorable he was & he's been smothered in so much love and attention. 

He's brought us so much joy & entertainment and although we've only had him for 4 days it feels like he's been here for ages! 


Henry - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

I hope you’re well and your daughter is doing ok.

I just wanted to let you know our little boy, Henry, is doing very well. He is an absolute delight, and has settled in well.

I have attached a picture for you. He has made himself at home and it feels like he has always lived here. He is already sitting, and shaking hands! We’re very proud.

I hope you enjoy the picture of him and his new friend, Duckie.

All the best.

Warm regards,

Lauren D

Monty - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

Just want to thank you so much for our beautiful puppy, we love him already.

He has had a busy day meeting the family, exploring his new environment, running around the garden and of course posing for Facebook photos!!! He's a little exhausted at the moment, hopefully our cheering for Geelong tonight doesn't disturb him too much!

Sounds like you have your hands full at moment with lots of new puppies, not sure how you do it but so glad you do! 

Thanks again

Kind regards


Bailey - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,
I just wanted to send you through some updated photos of bailey . She's absolutely great! She has such a Beautiful nature. 
Her and biscuit our other dog are best friends and absolutely inseparable! 

Hope you're well.



Guy - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Dear Angelique,

Just a quick note to let you know the little guy is a breeze and has settled in terrific.

He loves the kids and is very well trained. A very big thank you for the effort you have put in, what a lovely natured little dog.

I will keep you up to date on his progress.


Taylor - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique, 

Just thought we would send a photo of our little girl, Taylor who is now 7 months old. (one of Blossom's litter born on xmas eve)  She doesn't usually wear a bow in her hair, but she had just returned from the salon!!
Everything is going well and our two girls just adore her.
Bye for now, 

Grant and Sandra Cadee

Coco - The Red Toy Cavoodle

We wanted to send you a pic of our beautiful little girl Coco. She is one of the family and has a beautiful temperament. Thank you!

I did send you a query via your website too. We are interested in getting a black playmate, preferably female but would consider a boy too. Would it be possible for you to keep us in mind and let us know if any black puppies should come along?

Thanks again
The Hacketts!

Disco - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Harper and I are enjoying our pup Disco so much! 

Disco had his second vaccination today and was checked over again by vet and Michael our new local vet was super impressed!

Disco has settled in nicely and has been enjoying our homely environment!



Hi Angelique

Teddy has settled in well and enjoying sunny Queensland. He has a big personality for a small dog and he is a much loved member of the family . He sleeps through the night in his crate and is doing well in the house training routine . 

My vet was very impressed with the training information sent and asked for your details .

Thanks again 
Liz C

Archie & Scout - The Latte & Black Toy Cavoodles

Hi Angelique,

Just wanted to let you know that Scout has settled in very well. The first day Archie wasn't sure what to make of the bundle of fluff that didn't seem to move but they are now firm friends and Scout follows his big brother everywhere. 

Aimee & Clint


I received Poppy yesterday and we have already fallen in love with her.   She has the sweetest little face!  

She didn't seem stressed out by the flight at all.  She is adapting well however did cry a little through out the night.

Kind regards,


Bloss - The Black Toy Cavoodle

Hello Angelique

All is well with Bloss.

She loves our Lab and Abigail already.
She has played eaten and slept all afternoon.
Thank you for your gorgeous girl.  We love her.

Thank you so much Angelique from the bottom of our hearts.
Melissa B

Indi - The Red Black Toy Cavoodle

Little indi is fitting in great to her new home! she is a little gem! 

Completely perfect and so smart

Sizzle - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

Just letting you know that Sizzle is settling in really well and seems to love his new home.  He has a great temperament and is lots of fun.
Our trainer has requested your details to forward onto other people for dogs, they are just so intelligent.



Poppy - The Red Toy Cavoodle

She goes to her toilets outside she learnt that very quickly. I'm using the pen when I have things to do, not very keen on it wants to be close to me. So I'm going to leave her 15 mins then longer. 

Next Saturday is her injection . She settled in well. Can't wait till the 14 weeks is up so we can explore new things together.

 Linda x

Henry - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

Just wanted to say thank you for sending us our beautiful puppy! 

 He arrived safe & sound and has settled in right at home. 

He loves our back yard and new instinctively what to do on the grass ... He loves all of his toys and has a cheeky personality. 

As you can see from the picture it was love at first sight.


Molly & Lucy - The Red Toy Cavoodles

Hi Angelique,

I hope all is well, particularly with Lauren. I thought I'd give you a brief update on Lucy.

She's settling in very well and Molly is loving having a playmate.

On the first night, there was a little bit of whining during the night, but it was actually from Molly.  I don't think she was used to sharing a bed. I took them outside to the toilet just in case.
From the 2nd night onwards, Lucy started sleeping through the night and we don't hear a peep out of them until about 7am (which is a nice change!).

The two puppies are getting on so well.  They do everything together and are inseparable.  Molly sometimes gets a little rough with the playing, but Lucy does very well for her size and is rather assertive.  
Thanks so much again for our gorgeous girls.  We are all so in love with them both.

Here's a photo of both of them. Hope you have a good Easter.

Daniel and family.

Lucy - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

Our little puppy Lucy is a little darling! She is so gentle - we all fell in love with her !! She is doing well,and potty training is well on the way. 

Have a great Easter!

Warm regards

Charlie - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

I thought you would like to see some pictures of Charlie. We are all smitten by him. 


Abby - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

Sorry it's taken so long to contacct you again. Abby has settled down really well and we love her to death. 

She is fully toilet trained and ' sits' and 'down' when we tell her. 

She thinks she owns the place and has slept on the bed with us since the third week.
 She has her own special 'doggy ' car seat and carry bag. I'm thrilled to say she is a very happy and healthy little puppy. Have attached some photos.

Regards Sandra

Percy - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique and family,

Just wanted to say our little bundle of joy is safe and sound and VERY loved and spoilt. Your advice re toilet training is excellent. We have been using the crate and it is working so well. Today he made his own way outside twice for a wee! Very proud moment!

We can tell he was so well loved at your home because he loves cuddles and people. 

Highly recommend you as a breeder because this pup is simply divine, his personality is shining!

I will send a pic shortly...

Chloe :)

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Sibella - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique 

Just letting you know Sibella arrived safely yesterday. She is gorgeous, thank you.

She cried a little through the night but seemed to quieten quite quickly, unbeknown to me my son had heard her crying and took her into his room. I found her at 3am asleep in her basket on his bedroom floor. 

Kind regards
Verhees family

Hugo - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

I thought it would be nice to send you some pics of Hugo,we love him so much !!!!!!

We might come for a drive with him soon towards your place again.

Have a nice weekend.


Toby - The Black Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique 

Toby is safe and sound, he's eaten a little and drank and slept. Weed outside a couple of times. 
He's adorable, and we're all very happy.


The kids are sooo happy. He's seems to be settling in very well.  Thank you. 
He didn't get on the original flight, I'm not sure why, they rang to say he'd be on the next one. I was a bit worried but they assured me that he was being looked after. 
We're just glad he's here


Lucy - The Black Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

Lucy has arrived safe and sound.  I am glad to be able to play with her by myself before the kids get home.  She is beautiful!

Thanks heaps


Chilli - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Well we are having a wonderful time with our little puppy.  She is adoreable and we named her Chilli.

She is very strong and climbed on day one out of her pen - so she now sleeps in the laundry and is a little angel.

She loves her food and demands attention from her friend Fonzie (3yrs).  He was not happy at first and now they play happily.

The girls are just adoring her and we start puppy school tonight.
Just thought we'd touch base and say thanks for our little girl.


Charlie Browne - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

I hope you're well.

We are the proud owners of Charlie Browne, who we bought from you last July, sophie's first litter. Charlie is amazing, cheeky as ever and very spoilt and loved. He's been fantastic and grown up to be a lovely dog. Some pics for you below! 

He's very lively, has 2 big walks a day, plays constantly and is not one for sitting quietly.

Hope you like the pics! 

Many thanks
Abi & Darrin

Bodhi - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

He is a very precious puppy!I don't think he thinks he is a puppy!So very smart.Cannot imagine life without him!

Yes I have had surgery etc but Greg's little family have shared him and love him so very much!He gets put in the pram and wheeled about.

Has the run of the back yard and has a great time there.

Is doing so well with toilet training.The minute he wakes up out we go to outside.Have a routine that suits him very much.

Yes there is much tearing around etc.Love walks.Mia is very good him.Takes him to the little shopping complex and he stops people in their tracks!We have taken him to the hair dresser when the kids have had hair cuts.Goes for walks when the children walk to school.Is a lucky puppy!Will send photos!

Thank you,Elaine 

Sophia - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Just to let you know how Sophia is getting on.

 She is really smart and inquisitive  and has done her wees and poos on cue outside since day one , 
She is interacting well with everyone and even though has the odd episode of ADHD !!!!! All is good .

 She is very playful with her sister the cat and even sleeps with her on the odd occasion

Did and David 

Milly - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Dear Angelique,

I hope all is well with you and your family.  

Its almost 1 year now, since Milly arrived in Adelaide, so  I thought I would send a few updated photos to you. 

Cant image not having her around.  She is just the most beautiful little dog, my constant companion.  She just loves everyone, and expects that everyone will love her, as they do of course. 

 I get a lot of people asking about what breed she is.  

She’s even managed to win over some non-dog people, who would gladly have a dog just like her.  

Love the fact that she doesn’t shed hair.  After having a Cavalier for almost 16 years,  it’s a big difference.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas, and a happy, safe new year.

Take care


Harry - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

Harry is now just over 5 months old and is fitting into our lives very well.   He is very adorable (most of the time) and very spoilt. 

 He just loves going to the park and running with other dogs.  He also knows the names of all of his toys, photo below of Harry with duck.

Kind Regards

Archie - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

I thought I would send you an update on Archie’s progress and a couple of photos. 

He was a really good boy on the drive home to Echuca.  He was happy to sit in his travel crate and Adrian kept him entertained in the back seat.  His first night was really good and he slept through till 4.30pm but the next night we weren’t so lucky but now he is used to his bed and sleeps through till around 6 – 7am, he goes for a wee outside and then enjoys playing with us in bed until it’s time for us to get up. 

 He enjoys all his toys and running around on the lawn outside and he is so clever.  I have taught him to sit and he comes when I call him (unless there is something more exciting to distract him) and his favourite game is to play fetch. 

 He has brought us so much happiness and I am constantly laughing at the funny things he does.  Thank you again for giving Archie the best start in life because I think it shows in how well balanced and happy he is.

Warmest Regards,

Mary and family

Bailey - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

just wanted to let you know that Bailey safely on Friday afternoon and is doing really well.

He couldn't wait to get out of his crate and into our arms when we picked him up, and despite a HUGE weekend of exploring his new world, being introduced to all his new friends/neighbours,  he seems to be very settled and has adjusted well.

He had his vet check and injections on Saturday.   The vet's verdict -  he is a perfect puppy!

He has slept through from 9.30pm each night to 7am the next day - not even asking to go out to toilet during the night.      He is eating well, though this took some coaxing at first.   The suggestion of a little warm water on his biscuits really helped.   

He has already started going to the  back door when he wants to do his 'business' and we have had only a few little accidents - mainly when we weren't watching the signs.  Again, the suggestion of the cooked chicken pieces as rewards has helped this along.

He is just the most gorgeous, placid little boy and an absolute cutie.  His big sister,  Imogen just loves him to pieces and they sit together playing, watching TV and getting to know each each other.   

Thank you so much for sending us such a beautiful little boy.   We couldn't be more pleased with him and his beautiful nature.

Will send you more updates over the coming weeks.

Sarah, Imogen & Bailey.

Millie - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,
Finally sending you some photos of our Millie,who was one of Hazel's puppies.
Millie is the sweetest puppy.She adores people and other animals.She is not fussy who she loves or licks! She has graduated from Puppy school and made lots of friends there.
The early days were a challenge as her ability to escape from places amazed us.Three days after we brought her home she was climbing out of the puppy playpen.From there it became a constant process to find something that would keep her safe when we were not home and she was big enough to roam the entire backyard. I think Brian spent the first four weekends adapting her pen as she would find a way out each time. She just wanted to find us!

She loves her walks,playing and especially likes chasing her totem tennis ball that is in the garden.

I have to admit that I was the anti dog person who is now besotted.She & I have a definite affinity.Although Millie is my daughter's dog,as soon as I sit on the couch of a night,no matter were she is, she is straight onto my lap.
Having said all this she can be a mishievious thing.Likes nothing better than digging a few holes in the lawn and loves the game where she brings her bone or a piece of bark inside and plays chasy around the coffee table with me trying to get her outside.
I hope all is going well with you & your beautiful dogs.Will try to send updates as Millie grows.
Kind regards

Astro - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,

Just a quick email to let you know how much we are loving our pup who we have named Astro. He is so gorgeous and has settled right into our family. As you said he is extremely relaxed. We adore him. 

Warm regards. 


Barney - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

Just a quick note to say how much we already love our puppy!  We have name him Barney and he is just gorgeous!

He is already answering to his name and is very obedient and is sleeping through the night!

Thank you so much, he is just perfect!

Kind regards

Mary I

Ollie - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique,


I thought I would email you and give you an update on our gorgeous little boy Ollie (Lavender's litter). He has been the best thing we have ever done and has bought so much joy to our little household. In fact, we can't imagine life before him. He is so loving and affectionate and really proves that dogs are 'man's best friend'. In particular, we have been suprised at how easy having him has been.


We were warned off by so many breeders saying that puppies are a full time job and that we would struggle being a working couple, but he has fit right into our lifestyle and is perfectly happy spending every minute with us when we are home. 

He has also been fairly easy to train- apart from a few lost shoelaces and a tendency to want to to say hello to EVERY single person whilst walking (and crying if they don't say hi back!), he is a perfectly behaved boy. 


I have attached some photos of our boy so you can see him growing into a little dog!


Lauren K

Fergus - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

We have a very happy little boy who has come from you so well adjusted. We have named him Fergus (Ferguson if I am cross with him, which is not yet, and shorted to Fergie and Ferg).

 He sleeps well in his cage at night waking only once to be toileted. He loves our company but is happy to wait for our attention in his playpen and ever growing accumulation of toys. I will stay in touch and update you with photos when I have some.

Thank you for “Fergus”.

Cheers – Yvonne

Puff - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Hello Angelique,

Things are going exceptionally well here. Puff has settled in so well and is doing so well with toilet training. 

He is so gentle natured and loves all those cuddles the children Tim and I give him!!!We left him alone for an hr  one day then left him for about 2.5 hrs  another day..i think he slept most of the time we were out but was very happy to see us return!!!

Thanks so much again Angelique,

Kindest Regards,



Hi Angelique,
I just thought I would let you know that our beautiful girl has settled in very well. She is now 16 weeks old. We named her Molly and she is a very confident, gentle and intelligent puppy. I just wanted to say thankyou for all your advice you gave regarding bringing up puppies. We have used this and we have never missed out on a nights sleep, she is just about house trained now and is very well mannered. 

Molly learns very quickly she can sit, stay and come and is good on a lead. She loves people and has fitted into our family extremely well. She is very happy just to be around you, she loves playing with my 2 boys and learnt very quickly how to play appropriately.  She is also quite content to amuse herself when our family is busy. She loves our cat (a little too much sometimes) and our cat is very tolerant of her.
She has brought so much joy to our family and we just love her.
 Thanks again for all your advice and breeding such wonderful, well adjusted puppies.
Kind regards,

Dot - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

Dot! seems way too perfect. We're pretty sure she's liking her new life.

All settled in and very happy. A little crying last night but she went straight back to sleep.

She's merrily exploring her garden and making herself right at home.

Big thanks, Stef + Julia

Charlie - The Latte Toy Cavoodle

Hi Angelique

Charlie settled in well – we’re just a little tired from the night-time toilet breaks!! – he’s been amazing though, settled in quickly and been eating loads of food – so no issues there! 

I’ve attached a couple of pics for you and we’ll let you know how he goes.

Thanks so much for everything – we’re delighted and now all our friends are booking in to come and visit him – I think he’ll be very spoilt!


Mocha - The Red Toy Cavoodle

 Hi Angelique
I hope your doing well. Just wanted to let you know that Mocha is doing really well, and I have grown to adore her, she is very smart and affectionate :) 
Many thanks, 

Harry - The Red Toy Cavoodle

Just wanted to let you know that Harry arrived safe and sound yesterday.. He is just beautiful.

 The kids just adore him and they have all been playing and bonding well over the last 2 days. He is so smart and we have had zero toilet training accidents. 

He has already learnt to go in his designated area in the yard and as soon as I take him out there and tell him to do his wee, he does it!! I'm totally blown away by just how clever he is!

Thank you so much for all the information you provided with him. Rest assured that he will be well loved in our family!!