Pocket Puppies
Est. 2006 - Barham, NSW

Non Shedding Toy Cavoodles 4.5 - 7kg

Introducing Hugo!

Hugo is our very adorable, affectionate new male, he is a Pure Bred Pedigree Red Toy Poodle from impeccable bloodlines and is the father to every Pocket Puppy.

Our Cherished Hugo

We feel videos speak louder than words and so please enjoy meeting Hugo...

Health Certificate 

Hugo has been DNA cleared for Progressive Rod Con Dysplasia - Early on set of severe blindness (PRCD) 
A problem common in poodles and cavoodles that have not been cleared

It is highly reccommended that when wishing to adopt your new puppy, that they have been screened for this health problem to ensure you will never need to endure the undue stress of PRCD.

Hugo is a red toy poodle, toy is the smallest poodle size recognised by the AKC and Hugo easily fits into that category at under 5kg and less than 30cm tall - only toy poodles can be this size.

Our beautiful boy, coupled with our exquisite cavalier king charles spaniels have the most adorable toy cavoodles. Our pocket puppies have the sweetest personalities that transcend even the stellar reputation of toy cavoodles - to learn more about our sweet fur babies, known as Pocket Puppy Toy Cavoodles, please visit here 

Theo in Retirement 

Theo was the first red toy poodle male that we ever had the pleasure of calling our furry family member, he is now happily enjoying retirement and we wanted to share his video for you all to see.