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The Pocket Puppy Therapy Dog

In 2012, we donated 'Hulli' the Toy Cavoodle to Bendigo Headspace, The National Youth Mental Health Foundation of Australia. At Pocket Puppies we are a very devoted family that loves to help our fellow Australian - when we were enlightened to this excellent foundation, we wanted to offer our support. With the exciting articles documenting the success of therapy dogs and the fact that our babies are just so special, Headspace's first therapy dog was chosen. With the  aid of Headspace Program Manager, Jenny Singe and Karen Riley, Deputy CEO of Bendigo Community Health Services, Hulli has been able to help so many young Australians and will continue do so in the many years to come. Hulli's first birthday was a special event that showed his wonderful work with teenagers and was publicised by the Bendigo Advertiser and televised by WIN news.

  • Madison, Angelique, Lauren & Hulli
    Madison, Angelique, Lauren & Hulli
  • Jenny Singe & Hulli
    Jenny Singe & Hulli
  • Karen RIley & Hulli
    Karen RIley & Hulli
  • Angelique, Karen & Hulli
    Angelique, Karen & Hulli
  • Angelique, Karen & Hulli
    Angelique, Karen & Hulli
  • Angelique, Karen, Jenny & Hulli
    Angelique, Karen, Jenny & Hulli
  • Hulli
Madison, Angelique, Lauren & Hulli
Madison, Angelique, Lauren & Hulli

"Beloved Dog Celebrates Birthday"

THE cute Cavoodle who usually cares for others celebrated an important milestone on Tuesday.

The community celebrated Hulli the Headspace dog’s first birthday in Hargreaves Mall.

Headspace staff, family and friends of the beloved pooch enjoyed an afternoon of cake and games to help honour the engaging role Hulli provides the organisation. 

Hulli is a Cavoodle, a cross between a King Charles Cavalier and a Toy Poodle.

Headspace is a mental health organisation that works with young people. 

Headspace program manager Jenny Singe said Hulli’s actual birthday was on Sunday but decided to host a celebration for the community on Tuesday.

She said the reason Headspace had a dog was because most members of her team loved dogs.

“We didn’t think we would have much luck but I did a bit of research and found out Cavoodle’s are low allogeneic and they don’t shed hair,” Mrs Singe said. 

Mrs Singe said Angelique Hull from Pocket Puppies then decided to donate one of her dogs to Headspace.

Mrs Hull, a boutique breeder, said she was happy to make a donation to Headspace.

“My middle daughter Lauren, is chronically ill,” she said.

“She left school when she was 14 because she was so ill and her dog became her best friend. 

“We know how much a dog can make life wonderful and happy and they will be there when no one else will listen to you, you can tell them all your secrets and they will keep them safe.  

“Cavoodle’s also have an extremely chilled out personality so we knew it would be perfect for Headspace.”

Mrs Singe said Hulli came to work every day.

“He wonders around the Headspace office, he greets people and talks to them in his own way,” she said.  

“When we do presentations he comes along.” 

“He is very intuitive.”

Mrs Singe said Hulli was a great engagement tool for young people involved with Headspace.

“His main role is to engage kids so that when they come in they are a bit more relaxed,” she said. 

“People will come up and pat Hulli.”

Source: Alebakis, Kristen. "Beloved dog celebrates birthday" Bendigo Advertiser. 19 Nov 2013, 1:45pm.

Lauren's Story

Our daughter, Lauren has been chronically ill since birth but became dramatically worse at 14, we discovered she has a disease which causes dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system.

Madison was also diagnosed with the multiple system illness, meaning that Lauren and Madison both have an incurable neurological disease. 

Before Lauren was officially diagnosed, she was very isolated, but a special little miracle cavoodle was born, she instantly fell in love and Peanut became our first cavoodle addition.

As Lauren was unable to participate in many activities, Peanut and Lauren became fast best friends, Lauren talked to her all day and enjoyed the company of her only understanding, loyal friend. 

Peanut has been the shining light for Lauren and more than ever are we, as a family, recognising the importance of a Pocket Puppy in your life. 

More Pocket Puppy Therapy Dogs

Our puppies have often been adopted by professionals of the heath industry, this primarily has been adolescent psychologists - many articles have been published attributing to the aid of a dog in helping individuals mentally and emotionally. Our special Pocket Puppies are just wonderful with children and have been so helpful with their trust, understanding and unconditional love. Hulli was only 12 months old when he made his debut in Bendigo, but has been helping teenagers from the day he arrived with Jenny to Headspace as a puppy. We recommend many online articles for more information on the success of Therapy Dogs.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Headspace for allowing us to help other young Australians.