Pocket Puppies
Est. 2006 - Barham, NSW

Non Shedding Toy Cavoodles 4.5 - 7kg

About Us & Our Cavoodles

At Pocket Puppies we are a family that has always loved dogs, our discovery of the beautiful toy cavoodles began in 2006 and encouraged us to share these special babies with other Australians and so we became the Home of Toy Cavoodles.

We are a registered breeder that is licensed for 20 breeding mums and at any given time we only ever have 20 or less, this is one of the reasons that you can be sure that we are a boutique breeder that is able to shower our dogs with the love and care they deserve.

Angelique is the matriarch and founder of Pocket Puppies and her daughters share her passion and with this our dogs are the centre of all we do and are as a family.

We want you to learn who we are, to know why our puppies are different. We understand dogs and they are before all others in our lives, our family includes many wagging tails - which is just the way we like it! We love the quiet, organic country life, but soon decided that we have to share pocket puppies with everyone. We noticed that many breeders were misguided in their didn't treatment of their dogs, this cemented our belief that Australia needed our special toy cavoodles.  

~ We are a Family, We are Pocket Puppies ~
  • Our doggies always sleep with a night light, either their favourite wooden carved goose lamp or dimmer pendants - canine luxury at it's finest.
    Our doggies always sleep with a night light, either their favourite wooden carved goose lamp or dimmer pendants - canine luxury at it's finest.

The First Weeks of Life at Pocket Puppies

Our beautiful mums always deliver their babies in our sitting room, this is so we can spend every second ensuring that Mum and new babies are doing splendidly. Please watch the videos below to see what a day in the life our dogs experience.

The Pocket Puppy Penthouse

Our furry family members live with us in our home in their own luxury suite, they adore the floor heating aided with split system air control, double glazing and R5 insulation -which means they are cosy in winter and relaxed in summer. Our Pocket Puppy Penthouse was designed specifically for our dogs, being avid animal lovers we have ensured that each of our pets know they are completely loved by us everyday and in every way. 

We are registered with our local council and are inspected by an RSPCA inspector, we have been consistently found to be compliant with the relevant code of conduct. As you can see from our Penthouse video we are above and beyond other establishments as we consider ourselves to be a loving home whose animals are doted on as pets and should always be treated as such.

We wish to see all those who make the lifelong commitment to breed dogs follow our lead and raise the bar in every way, in terms of accommodation, number of canines and care. This is our vision and hope to see it come true one day, by making the public aware of how your beloved pet can and should spend their life. 

By having 20 breeding mums we provide them an abundance of special, individual attention and this way we can always be certain of every dog's wellbeing at all times, day or nigh. 
Every home is different and dependant on the person's love of animals as to how they treat their dogs - whether they have 1 or 20. We aim to be as transparent as possible and unlike any other breeder in Australia have shown the world our garden, Penthouse, inner home including bedrooms with just our home videos.

We as a family have always believed that canines are true gifts to all of us and are forever first in our hearts.

Pocket Puppy Cuisine

Our beautiful dogs are fed premium, holistic biscuits with a chicken broth that is made daily by slow roasting (yes, everyday smells like Sunday roast in our house!) and fed individually with the addition of milky treats, pork raw hide chews and cooked butcher's sausages every week.

Their diet is selected with the highest consideration for their health and happiness and we have found this happy combination for our dogs to have a balanced and very premium diet. We also can't help but give them things of our plate! (especially pancakes, they love pancakes!) 

Because our Pocket Dogs & Puppies are raised as members of our family, they are like any typical house pet, they are toilet trained, accustomed to vacuums, tv, (they think pouncing after the mop is great fun) and just everyday life - they are also very used to wheelchairs and walking sticks from our family needs.

The Daily Routine

A typical day in our home consists of waking in the early hours to the little ones in the home and giving breakfast, then onto seeing all of the dogs in the penthouse and having breakfast before we start our morning walk, this is a long stroll through our garden, with them playing in the grass or chasing after birds (especially Panda, she is our adventure child who is endlessly curious). After our run in the morning we go into the play areas (see below) where they lounge in the sun and play with their unlimited supply of toys. Depending on the weather we go back into the penthouse and watch a movie, play games and just spend time with our dogs (the couch is actually a fold out bed so they can get in and snuggle)

In the play yard we have our vegetable patch, as we, like our dogs have an organic diet and you would be surprised how much they love to pick the capsicums and frolic around with them instead of their toys! so if you have a veggie patch best to watch the capsicums (and occasionally the broccoli!)

First Class Health Care

Every year our dogs are throughly health checked, vaccinated with C5 Nobivac and have their annual dental clean. Every month our furry friends are treated with advocate and every fortnight have their ears cleaned with a gentle PAW natural cleanser then their all over soapy bath, blow dry and trim.

We have the utmost respect for our veterinarian's practice that boasts a very qualified team who adore animals, just as we, which is a very important quality when choosing your new addition's veterinarian.

Hugo - The Father of our Toy Cavoodles


Lifetime Care Commitment

We at Pocket Puppies consider all our little ones' that leave our nest to still be a member of our family, because of this we have a lifetime care commitment. When you adopt a Pocket Puppy we are of the understanding that if for any reason you are no longer able to care for your dog at any stage throughout their lifetime, you will contact us and offer us the opportunity to welcome them back - where your dog will become our personal pet where they will be completely cared for and cherished by our family. This promise is made with full faith that you will contact us as we would really appreciate to hear from you as soon as your circumstances have changed (e.g. relocating overseas). 

The Aid Of A Pocket Puppy: Lauren's Story

Our daughter, Lauren has been chronically ill since birth but became dramatically worse at 14, we discovered she has a disease which causes dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system.

Her younger sister, Madison was also diagnosed with the multiple system illness, meaning that both have an chronic neurological condition.

Before Lauren was officially diagnosed, she was very isolated, but a special little miracle cavoodle was born, she instantly fell in love and Peanut became our first cavoodle addition.


Lauren was unable to participate in many activities, Peanut and Lauren became fast best friends, Lauren talked to her all day and enjoyed the company of her only understanding, loyal friend. 

Peanut has been the shining light for Lauren and more than ever are we, as a family, recognising the importance of a Pocket Puppy in your life. 

Christmas Special Film Clip

The Haven

We live on a lifestyle retreat on the border of Victoria and New South Wales in a historical, popular twin town, affectionally named the 'Fruit Bowl of Australia' by locals. Our dogs have the quiet country life, amongst pastures that's fertile soil produces a large amount of Australia's organic produce.

Due to our remote retreat we regularly travel to Melbourne so you can collect your new baby, we also have a safe and comfortable option to fly your puppy to your nearest airport, to learn more visit our Deliveries & Flights.

We also love to meet our future Pocket Puppy Parents and welcome visits.

 Life in our pet haven includes going for long runs in abundant paddocks and orchards, exploring in our large cottage garden and once we found their love of water, supervised swims in the pool in summer where there is fun for everyone.