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Care Guide

Every Pocket Puppy accompanies a comprehensive care guide, though
you should know the basics before considering adoption.

The Fundamentals


A puppy deserves an excellent diet for their well-being. 

We only use premium dog foods and our own prepared meals that ensure we are providing our dogs with

only the best.


All Oodles require regular grooming, that is the nature of their hair.

As our Pocket Puppies do not shed, they need haircuts.

As a guide, 4-12 trims a year, depending on your hairstyle preference.


We use the Nobivac C5.

Nobivac is an acclaimed brand of vaccine for it's efficiency.

C5 is the level vaccination, C3 and C4 are not adequate optimum protection.



Several parasites are endemic to Australia, there are monthly products to ensure your pet is protected.

Your location determines the need, whether it is worms, fleas, tics, a monthly treatment is necessary for prevention.

Toilet Training

We crate train, we always have and it's now the most popular method.

We begin this skill on our puppies and highly recommend you continue with this method and we provide instructions.


All dogs require 30 minutes of exercise daily.

Different breeds require more, but cavoodles are not highly active.


Cavoodles can train to go long distances (5km) but in gradual stages of training. 

Click & Move Pictures

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