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Introducing the Dad

We are a small breeder and so we do have the one Red Toy Poodle father to all of our Pocket Puppies.


Get to Know Hugo

Hugo is a red toy poodle, toy is the smallest poodle size and Hugo easily fits into that category at under 5kg and less than 30cm tall - only toy poodles can be this size.


Toy Poodles are susceptible to PRCD (Progressive Blindness).


DNA Testing for pets is revolutionary, but different breeds are susceptible to different diseases/traits. 

You can test a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for PRCD and they would return clear, but the likelihood of that is near nil, but for toy poodles, incredibly important.

We are in full support of science, not marketing ploys. 

Hugo PRCD certificate.png

Our Upcoming Toy Poodle

We are excited to announce that we have a new Toy Poodle Male, Hugo's son.

Noodle will be our upcoming Toy Poodle Father in 2024.


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