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Quick Information Guide on Cavoodles

Cavoodle Puppies are found all over Australia.

 This page is dedicated to our Toy Cavoodles, they have certain attributes and we have extensive knowledge having the privilege of raising them for 15 years.

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The Toy Cavoodle

A Toy Cavoodle is the combination of a


 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel



Toy Poodle

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 Size Guide

As the cavoodle is a combination of two breeds it can vary, but our cavoodles are approximately 25 - 32cm tall at the shoulder when fully grown.

Our Toy cavoodles fully matured will be approximately be between 5 - 8 kg.

In comparison, the miniature cavoodles are 12 - 18kg.

Coat of Curls

Our Cavoodles are known for their soft curls. 


The Cavalier's coat sheds, but the Poodle coat does not shed.


This means Cavoodles are a low to medium shedding dog, although some cavoodles are also known to shed excessively. 


Due to years of curated breeding, all of our previous cavoodle puppies are very special being completely NON-SHEDDING

Care Level

Grooming: Our Pocket Puppies coats' do not shed and will need to be groomed regularly. 

Hair clip/trim will need to be at minimum 4 x year, how often you choose is your preference. 


Bathing: A dog should only be washed once a week, maximum.

Teeth: You should incorporate dental health in care, whether this is dental clean, brushing teeth, water additive or dental chews, oral care is key.

Exercise: 30 minutes of exercise/walk is recommended as a minimum.


Most Cavoodles make great companions for anyone, from small children to the elderly.


It is not a universal fact that all cavoodles have great temperaments, there is cases with behavioural problems due to misbreeding and erroneous guardianship.


We can speak of our cavoodles, they are friendly to everyone, including strangers, dogs and other pets.

Our cavoodles are highly intelligent (therefore, easy to train) and are aware of all of their surroundings like the poodle but more relaxed like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


Life expectancy is a guide for every living being as environmental factors play a significant role.


Generally, the Cavoodle lifespan is 12-16 years of age.

Living Environment

Our Pocket Puppies are indoor dogs.

Our dogs are raised indoors but still love exploring and vibing outside, especially with you.

And yes, the best bed buddies.


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