Pocket Puppies
Est. 2006 - Barham, NSW

Non Shedding Toy Cavoodles 4.5 - 7kg

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We have always included toy cavoodles in our lives - we couldn't imagine a day without such beautiful little faces, melting brown eyes and happy wagging tails. Our cavoodles make any day brighter just by being in them and that is why cannot help but want to share their love with other Australians. 

We love that every person cannot help but be inspired by our Pocket Puppy Penthouse that has higher living standards than the average home. Our dogs live in spa like conditions and it is so lovely knowing you can be proud to call yourself a Pocket Puppy Parent.

If you haven't already, w would love you to get to know us better - So please visit our About Us page.

"People have always adored our exclusive Toy Cavoodles and we, the Pocket Puppy family, are so delighted to share our stunningly special fur babies that are and forever will be, cherished and adored by all."

With Love, Pocket Puppies