Pocket Puppies
Est. 2006 - Barham, NSW

Non Shedding Toy Cavoodles 4.5 - 7kg

Why Pick a Pocket Puppy?

This page is a culmination of all the reasons why your next new addition should be a Pocket Puppy 

We love our babies and always are taking photos/videos for our own family album of each puppy   - browse our extensive film collection below.

Our Special Non-Shedding Cavoodles

All of the puppies we have bred are completely non shedding - due to our careful choosing of our puppies parents, as we only have the very best!

A cavoodle is not just a cavoodle - the basics of sizes: Toy, Miniature or Standard?

The smallest size of all cavoodles is 'toy', we only breed toy cavoodles, the size ranges are below for clarification, any listing for cavoodles without clarifying if they're a toy cavoodle, miniature cavoodle or standard cavoodle means that you do not know how large the cavoodle will grow.

Please be aware of the size cavoodle that you are adopting as the difference between a toy and miniature cavoodle is the difference between a spaniel to a labrador. 

Hugo - Our Only Toy Poodle

Our only poodle male is Hugo and he is the father all of our puppies and that is why we have a consistent line with cavoodles and can always guarantee that they will have a shaggy/curly coat, gorgeous faces and amazing personalities.

 Hugo has been DNA cleared by parentage for PRA and PRCD which means that none of my puppies are affected by Progressive Retinal Atrohpy - eventual blindness (PRA) or Progressive Rod Con Dysplasia - Early on set of severe blindness (PRCD) Both problems common in poodles and cavoodles. To view his certificate - please visit this page.

We love hearing from Pocket Puppy Parents

You can see our very happy pocket puppy parents with their babies in our 'Cavoodle Testimonials page'.

The Original Boutique Breeder

At Pocket Puppies we are the original boutique breeder and completely against puppy farm/mills, the alert to these misguided people is that they have multiple breeds (e.g. schnoodles, spoodles, groodles); we are a family that truly believe in our puppies and we love to share the joy that our relaxed toy cavoodles can give you. 

Please note: a boutique breeder only produces one breed of dog, e.g. Toy Cavoodles, has impeccable facilities and desexes every puppy.

We want you to learn who we are, to know why our puppies are different. We understand dogs and they are before all others in our lives, our family includes many wagging tails - which is just the way we like it! We noticed that many breeders were misguided, they mistreated their dogs, this cemented our belief that Australia needed our special toy cavoodles. Please visit our About Us page to learn more.

The Pocket Puppy Penthouse

Our furry family members live with us in our home in their own luxury suite, they adore the floor heating aided with double glazing and R5 insulation -which means they are cosy in winter and relaxed in summer. Our Pocket Puppy Penthouse was designed specifically for our dogs, being avid animal lovers we have ensured that each of our pets know they are completely loved by us everyday and in every way. 

The Essentials

Every Pocket Puppy is vaccinated (C5), micro chipped, treated with advocate and desexed.

When you collect your puppy they will have a baby blanket, a few days suppy of food, a vaccination card, micro chip slip and a comprehensive information pack which has everything you need to know about your new puppy.

Our Home Film Collection

Strawberry's gorgeous toy cavoodle girl (9 weeks)

Georgie's toy cavoodle little girl (7 1/2 weeks old) with our gorgeous red cavoodle Peanut.

Fun Fact: This is Pat, Lara, Josh and India Rafter's gorgeous little puppy

Gabby's little boy toy cavoodle (7 weeks old)

Tulip's little girl A

Tulip's little boy D

Tulip's baby girl B

Tulip's little boy E

Tulip's adorable little boy C

Clarabelle's little toy cavoodle girl (5 weeks)

Elsie's toy cavoodle boy

Our puppies have always been special not only for their rare colours, but also for their amazing personalites. We have always had puppies that are well adjusted, intelligent, loving and the best friends you will ever meet. Toy cavoodles have always been a great love of ours, we treasure our gorgeous babies and are sure you will too.