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Why Pick a Pocket Puppy?

The Difference

A Focus on Nurture

Ethicality is Essential

It has been proven that puppies observe their parents interactions with people, which then inherently forms their opinions on humans, before your puppy has even learned to walk.

We will never compromise on our Ethos, this is not our job, this is our purpose.

We are Pocket Puppies.


Our Non-Shedding Toy Cavoodles

Although not widely known, many cavoodles shed hair to varying degrees. 


Through our conscientious efforts on curating and maintaining a rare trait among our puppies, we achieved something magnificent.

Non Shedding Toy Cavoodles.

Quality, not Quantity

No Puppy Farms or Backyard Breeders

Puppy farms and backyard breeders are abhorrent, the excuse of affordability should never be at the cost of pets' welfare.

We have always felt the most obvious alert is that they have multiple breeds of dogs. This is an indication of a large number of dogs and realistically, a lack of oversight or care by the owner themselves.

A Backyard Breeder is a person through no education decided to breed their dogs, without proper accommodations, experience of care and lack of knowledge of raising puppies.


It is not simple, it is a skill.


Breeding should always be taken seriously and conscientiously, dogs are important and beloved family members, not a side hustle.

We are a family that truly believe in our puppies and we love to share the joy that our lovingly raised toy cavoodles bring.

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The Experience

Every Pocket Puppy is vaccinated (C5), micro chipped, wormed and desexed. 

Your puppy accompanies their own baby blanket, toy, crate and a comprehensive information guide.


Our knowledge is a unique and a key resource.

Our guide is the culmination of over 15 years of our experience and education, which has provided a thorough reference on puppyhood and beyond for our Pocket Puppy Parents.

Words are just words.

What do our Pocket Puppy Parents think of their experience?

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