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We have an astronomical amount of testimonials over our 15+ years, but we never tire of hearing more.

It's a highlight for us and hope you find the joy too. 


 We adore our kosmo who is nearly 6 months old!

We get so many adorable comments but he has the best nature.

He’s a living example of what a fabulous breeding program you have.  It’s a credit to you and your team.  



Please find some update on our darling angel Aigo, for Christmas, his 2nd birthday and his latest fetching game.


Aigo is doing from strength to strength, and the whole family is loving him more and more...really can't imagine life without this cute little creature!


Hi Waffle’s birth family.


Just thought I’d send an email with an update on Waffle.


She’s such a happy and trusting girl living her best life.  She goes to daycare once a week and is very sociable, she loves people.  She has Instagram hausof_wafflewines if you’d like to follow her.

waffle wines.jpg


We just wanted to let you know that Blue has made great progess settling into his new home. We have had him for a little over 24 hours now and he has been an attentive little boy with his training. 


We’ve taught him to sit and drop, and, would you believe it, fetch a ball, very much like Boo loved to do. It’s a great form of exercise for him! We’ve attached a video of his progress. He’s settling in nicely. It almost feels like we’ve have him for a week, let alone a day. 


He’s a little joy, and we are a little sleep deprived but feel honoured to be responsible for this little soul.


Thank you for the care in raising him. He’s very special and whilst we recognise we have much to still teach him (and for him to teach us), we look forward to being his stewards and leaders for his life to come.


It was lovely meeting you all yesterday and seeing your passion, love and care for your puppies. 

Ziggy has been amazing such a snuggler, he certainly had everyone’s attention yesterday. He did so well for his first day and night, he had no accidents at all, ate well and did pretty good last night too. He is already so well loved by all 4 kids and us too and we are looking forward to getting to know him better.


Thank you for your help in choosing a puppy our youngest daughter isn’t well today and even though it’s early and she’s not as sick as she does get, he’s already doing what I had hoped for, by giving her lots of love, cuddles and something else to focus on as she takes care of him a very welcome distraction from how she is feeling. Thank you so much again. 


Thank you so much for meeting us today. 

It was an absolute delight to meet you all.


What wonderful woman you are xo

I hope you had a beautiful day out walking it was amazing weather.

We are so grateful for little Willow to be a part of our family.

Willow has had wonderful afternoon and has really settled well lots of cuddles and playing and tail wagging…!

Sally absolutely adores her and is so gentle with her.

zoey johnson.jpg
svensson pickle.jpg


Hi - thank you so much for taking such good care of our baby!  We adore her - she’s so funny!  Bringing lots of joy already.   


Yogee is the light of my life. Settled, happy, thriving, very clever & pawfect in every way.

Toilet training has been a dream. Thankyou for giving him a thriving head start.


Can sit for meals, is learning a gamut of skills. Loves puppy push ups ( sit/down) etc. His ability to associate words with actions is beyond my expectations.


Sleeps soundly from night one and now takes himself off to his crate for bed. Just have to say " crate up" and off he goes after "toilet & cuddles".


He took 7 minutes to work out his snuffle mat....outstanding. Travels beautifully in the car


Can't thankyou enough for everything you do for dogs and prospective owners. 


Yogee starts puppy pre-school in June. He's also starting with some PTSD support training. I'm very hopeful he will enjoy and bring some peace/ comfort to those who are struggling in therapy. 

I do know he's very smart, attentive, kind & intuitive. He loves trees/ outdoors and water. 


Trust you’re well. Realised we haven’t been in touch for months and just wanted to let you know Daisy has grown into a much-loved wonder in our home. She’s definitely part of the family now.

pippin 1.jpg
pippin 2.jpg


Sorry it’s taken me a whole month, but I wanted to share some pictures of Pippin with you.

I would also like to thank you for being so organised and professional with all the information regarding the initial care of our new puppy, he is doing so well.

He settled in right away, we continue to make his food as per your recipe which he loves.

Even the VET commented on how well he’s settled and is super healthy.


We were so lucky to find you when we did, and that you had our beautiful baby boy waiting for us.

We love him so much!!


Thanks again for everything


Day 1



All went well and he’s settling in very well. 

We’ve called him Lando. He’s running around and exploring 

Our daughter Indigo was so shocked and excited , she started crying.
We’re totally besotted


Hope you and the pocket puppies family are going well. 


Thought I’d let you know that today Charlie turned three!


He’s still the most amazing perfect pet we could ever wish for. He continues to being so much love and joy into our family. 


Here’s some photos of him today on his 3rd birthday!


Poppy had a relaxed drive home, slept most of the way, after a play on the lawn now settling in for an afternoon nap.


Thank you for the handbook, it was lovely meeting you this morning.

All the best

tessa and immi.jpg

Tessa & Immi

It’s Tessa & Immi’s 1st birthday today and we thought you might like a picture of the two sisters!


They are so happy together and give our family so much joy.


Thank you!


Just wanted to let you know that little Peggy is settling in wonderfully and has bonded beautifully with our older dog Maggie.


They are two little besties already. 

We wish we had gotten a second dog earlier!! 

Thank you for all your help and advice. 



It’s been a year since we welcomed Lola into our family. She’s been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. She’s a fabulous companion who never leaves our side. She has developed a charming personality with children, adults and other dogs of all shapes and sizes.  She also has a particular fascination with horses?!. We can’t explain why, but if she’s not watching them run on TV she’s attempting to chase after them in Centennial Park.


Everyone comments on how beautiful she is with her teddy bear features. And our groomer thinks she’s one of the prettiest dogs around!  So thank you, you’ve bought both Beverly and I a lot of joy. 


I’ve attached some photos of Lola’s Sydney life below. She’s also on Instagram as 

Charlie Bear

Charlie has settled into his new home.


He’s such a beautiful puppy.


Cheeky and clever and affectionate all at once 


We absolutely adore him. 

charlie bear .jpg


I thought I would touch base with you with an update on how Mabel has settled into her home.


What can I say she’s an absolute Angel who we absolutely adore we couldn’t imagine life without her. 


Mabel is full of life and so much love to give to everyone she meets they fall in love with her ! She’s got her favourite teddy she sleeps with and loves playing ball with her big sister! 

She doesn’t like to be out of sight from me for too long before she’s right beside me.


Wherever dogs are aloud to go Mabel is so she pretty much goes where I go lol 

She even had an adventure in a motor home over Xmas and loved it had her first visit to the beach and loved it.


She’s our happy little baby who we get to love and spoil- thank you again for our fur baby.


 Darling Daisy is still going fabulously…..we love her to bits, she has fitted into the family so well.


Here she is with her big bro! Hope you are all well, I love seeing all the gorgeous puppies on Instagram!

daisy hesketh smith.jpg
harper jodi boylan.jpg


A little update to let you know that Harper has settled in very well and she’s running the place now! We love her to bits and pieces.

She’s currently sitting on my feet while I work away at home. 

Thank you 


As you can see below our gorgeous Alfie is the love of our lives.


He is so good and everyone loves him. Can’t thank you enough. 

We would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a safe, happy & healthy new year.



Hope your family, dogs and beautiful garden are surviving the terrible floods.

Little Molly has settled in perfectly and providing a lot of happiness & fun
to us and the whole extended family including the little grand kids.
Also very social with our friends & everyone loves her.

molly 1.jpg
molly 2.jpg



Time for my annual update on Baxter. He has just turned 5 and still living his best life.


  • We play ball on the beach for hours and hours almost every weekend

  • On a warmer day he loves to take a break and sit in the shallows to cool down briefly, before going again…..

  • There is a rock pool Jen loves to swim in at low tide – Baxi plays ball in the water around her

  • He has made a few good friends including Cookie (pic attached)

  • He sees me off to work every morning, then jumps into my spot in our bed and goes back to sleep with Jen…..

  • I brought a K9 back pack – so we go riding together. Fair to say I get plenty of onlooker attention

  • He is just amazing!

Poppy  & Winston

Thank you so much for your reply regarding a new puppy.

I also have sent a photo of Poppy & Winston both were purchased off you.

My daughter Hayley bought Winston & I got Poppy.

We just love our little babies they have had the best life with us.

I just thought you might like to see a photo of them both together.

They are so precious to us.

They are very loved & absolutely spoiled rotten.

I personally would never buy a cavoodle off any other breeder than yourself.

I was sick with cancer & Poppy never left my side,the most Devine nature I have ever seen in a furbaby.

Poppy settled in the moment she arrived it was like she was already toilet trained.

Has slept in my bed since the moment I got her.

She is extremely intelligent & understands so many commands I just can’t believe it.

I’m very grateful my daughter introduced me to your website.



Hi girls, home safe and sound, Wally travelled very well and is now enjoying his new home and bed.


It was lovely meeting you all today. We are so very happy with our new baby boy.


Hope you had a great day in your beautiful garden. Stay tuned for many more pics. 


I just wanted to send you a quick message about Bella. She turned four years old a couple of weeks ago.

Bella has brought so much joy into our lives! I retired a couple of years ago so we can spend lots of time together. My husband Geoff and I take her for two walks every day and play with her with the ball in the park and yard.

Bella lives inside with us and let’s us share her king sized bed. She’s such a generous and sweet pup!

Bella’s such a loved member of our family. Even our little granddaughter who is nearly two adores Bella.

Thank you for letting us adopt our special little fur baby.

Maisey 20210518 - after 1st hair and nail session.jpg


Just thought you may like to see the latest photo of Maisey.  


She’s just had her first hair and nail session.  


She’s adorable and we love her to bits and back.


Hope all of you pocket puppies family are doing well. 


Disco is super fun as usual.. loves his dog park visit and gives us that look when it's 5.15 pm.. (enough work let's play) Am so glad we both are still working from home that we can spend all day with him even if we only get to play with him in the evening or few minutes in between.. I haven't experienced stress ever since I had him...


We do try to give him some time alone at home, not everyday but every time possible.. he barks just that one time and then just settles in the couch waiting for us to come back.. we have installed a pet camera so we can watch him and talk to him.. we would try to leave him some of his favorite treats before we go, but he won't take them until we get back home.. omg so much love.... we do feel bad for even having to leave him for few hours.. 


Sleeps in our bed.. not his fault coz we wanted him by our side. Sometimes he would jump out of the bed, may be we cuddle him to much..


He is still a silent puppy..  all we have heard him bark is when he gives out playbarks with other doggos or when he sees us leave him alone at home.. such an Angel


I can go on but I'll leave more for next time..


Louie is an absolute dream and I’m in love with him already!!!!!


He just wants cuddles and we are already besties!!!


Settling in well!!

louie picone.jpg

Mazie & Millie

Millie is doing amazing, such a funny little girl and great company for Mazie, who turned 2 on the 20th…

I absolutely love and adore my 2 girls and so grateful that I was chosen to have them.


How are you? Keep meaning to send an update on little Maude, she’s doing very well 


charlie nathoo.jpg

I hope that you and the Pocket Puppies family are doing well. 


Charlie turned two today. He is still the most friendly, lovable, loyal, calm, and amazing dog in the world and we are so in love with him every day. 


He has brought so much joy to our family that we could not live without him!


Here’s a photo of him relaxing on our bed today while my wife was working from home! 


Apologies for not getting back to you sooner but we have been in Puppy heaven.


I’m sure that is everyday life for you.


Poppy is THE most adorable thing and we all love her to pieces.


I didn’t realise how great a dog would be for the whole family.


It was my daughters push to get a dog but my husband is besotted with her and she is helping my son with his early teenage angst already.


She really puts everyone in a good mood.

Thanks again for bringing such joy to our house.

poppy herald 1.jpg
poppy herald 2.jpg

Spartan & Hope

Hope you are well! Our girl is going wonderful.

We named her Hope as we really liked the name of one of your mums, suits her perfectly as she is my little hope through road of chronic illness. Mum's boy Spartan has such a beautiful bond with Hope.

She is such a beautiful soul!!! Very very spoilt hehe 
Hope you enjoy some of these photos.

Mum and I are happy to wait for you to have a black and tan as you just produce such beautiful personalities.


They are taken care of so so well and you can just tell through their confidence and love.


Thankyou so much for the amazing (hard) work you do.

spartan and hope.jpg


Our little boy arrived this morning and he’s absolutely gorgeous, just like his photos! He has the most wonderful personality!


He wagged his tail as soon as he met us. He’s already following my eldest son around and playing games with with him. I have attached a photo.


Thanks so much for everything. We couldn’t be happier.

Audrey 1.jpg


I thought you may like to see some photos of Audrey

She is always happy and that tail just doesn’t stop wagging! 
We adore her and couldn’t imagine not having her with us

She loves her walks, out on our balcony watching life go by and going in the car

We met up with her half sister Gussie a few weeks ago ... we gave them a play date on the beach.... 

She is going for her first full groom on Wednesday.... she loves going to the ‘beauty parlour’

Even though she is not such a little puppy now people still stop us frequently to tell her how beautiful she is!


Just letting you know how much joy Bella gives us every single day.


She sleeps on our bed and comes everywhere with us.

Bella is part of our family.
I thought this might make you smile.


we can’t thank you enough for our little girl! We adore her and she has the best life! 


Just wanted to touch in and let you know how Rupert is doing.


He is such a joy to all our family and friends. It’s truly special for people to stop us in the streets and the park to ask where Rupert is from, how old etc. 


We cannot thank you enough for our darling boy. 

rupert 1.jpg
rosie and samson.jpg

Rosie & Samson

Our fur babies are just balls of fluff now!


Rosie is in front.


They are gorgeous and keep us on our toes!



Just a few photos from us! 

We are absolutely besotted with our little one.


She is the cutest addition to our family and my daughter Bronte has someone to play with now- she has brought so much happiness and joy into our home !

parmenter ruby leo.jpg

Ruby & Leo

I just wanted to let you know that Leo is settling in so well with pocket puppy Ruby.


He is bringing us all lots of joy!


Given it’s my puppy's first birthday today I thought I would send you some photos of him.


I named him Lenny and he is just the best, sweetest boy ever.


Thank you so much!

lenny 1.jpg
lenny 2.jpg
coco schmidt.jpg


Our little girl is home safe and she is a 10/10.


She is so beautiful, smart and loving. My 7 year old and her are joined at the hip!!


She loves being outside, weaving through our box hedges and she loves pillow fights too!


Hope you and the family are well. 


We thought you would like to see the latest photos of Chilli - she turned one today! 


She has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. We love her!! 


Thanks again for all your support in helping her transition to our family. 

Chilli 1.jpg


Benji is thriving and is sociable, loving and your adorable dogs produced a wonderful dog.


Wishing you and your family a safe, happy and successful new year.


anna riley 1.jpg

Just a short message to update you on our beautiful Maggie who was born 1 year ago today.


Maggie is the light of our lives. She is the sweetest little angel with the most incredible nature. We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful pup. We are so grateful to you for bringing her into our lives. 


I’ve attached some photos for you. She loves lots of walks by the beach and at the park. She has lots of fun visiting my parents’ farm on the Murray River with us. She still enjoys her roast chicken mixed with Royal Canin. She is very clever at playing fetch. And most of all, she loves lots of cuddles with us on the couch. 


Thank you for our beautiful Maggie. 


We cant tell you enough how wonderful Lilly is. She has the most loving nature. A credit to your breeding program.

She is so loved by my grandchildren and ourselves, we would be lost without her.

Can you please put us on the list for another puppy, preferably black. I think she needs a playmate.



Merry Christmas to you, your family and furry friends! 

Hope you have the most wonderful day! 

Winston has grown so much over the last two months and he is the most gorgeous, smart and adorable puppy! He filled our lives with joy and we can’t be happier to celebrate Christmas with him!

Thank you again for all your hard work in taking such good care of your puppies! 

P.S. I’ve included the latest photo of Winston wearing his Santa costume. 


We wanted to let you know that Roo is safely settled in home with us.


He is settling in SO much better than we could’ve ever imagined. Also, you really were not kidding when you said he is affectionate - he always wants to cuddle, or be lying on our feet or sleeping on us. He is so sweet, we are so in love. He is already proving to be so clever too!!


Our first night together went really well, all of your tips in the puppy handbook helped us out so much.


We would like to say a massive thank you for all of your help with the questions we both had and for how beautifully you have raised him. You can really tell in his nature. So thank you!!


I have attached a few pictures of Roo’s first night with us. Let me know if you get them okay. Hope you enjoy. 

Lily & Pepper


Just a quick note to say thank you for our beautiful dogs Lilly and Pepper.

They have brought so much joy to our home and is loved by everyone.


As a first-time owner of a dog, I can’t believe I waited so long.


The breed and nature of these to wonderful dogs is amazing and a credit to you.

Mind you they certainly have very different characters, but that’s what makes them so special.


We love them.


Thank You.

bailey 2.jpg


I just wanted to send you an update on our precious Bailey,  he has settled in very well and he is definitely mummas boy!!


He has brought so much love and joy to our family.


He is also so smart and training has been good, he gives high fives and waits till he is told ok.


Stay safe and thank you xx 

bailey 1.jpg

Mabel, Alfie & Gus

Today Mabel caught up with her brothers Alfie and Gus! They had so much fun rumbling around and chasing each other in the park.


Hope you had a good New Years and thank you for connecting us.


Below is a photo of Mabel after her groom and a photo of my daughter with the pups and their owners. (They were too excited to sit still for a photo of them all together hence them being held).


Happy new year!

mabel gus alfie.jpg


I hope you and your family are well. I just thought I would let you know that Maggie has settled in so beautifully and is such a little angel.


We can’t believe how clever she is - you’ve done an incredible job with the toilet training. She’s really amazed us. And she’s doing so well at night too. I’ve had her beside me in the soft crate at night and she’s doing so well. 

She’s really bonded with us all and is loving playing with the children. She’s so playful and sweet. 

Thank you again for our gorgeous girl. We are over the moon!!

maggie riley.jpg
toby dorsen 2.jpg


I just wanted to reach out and share an update on my darling Toby.


I can’t quite believe that just over 1 year ago, little Mabel A, a most precious little bundle of joy, was born.


He continues to be a gentle, affectionate, cheerful little companion who loves to say hello to everyone he meets.


I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful to you all for the gorgeous little puppy that has brightened my days ever since we welcomed him into our family.


Thank you to you all for nurturing such special little puppies and bringing happiness to the lives of so many.


It was a very very special day for us one year ago when your dear Mabel had her litter and precious Toby came to be.


Thank you and I wish you all the very best.


With love and thanks

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